Conservation Improvement Program (CIP)

Conservation Improvement Program (CIP)
This program is in partnership with local utility companies to help low-income residents in Scott, Carver, and Dakota counties conserve energy by replacing old household appliances. A home energy audit must be conducted before clients are able to participate in the program. It is available to those who qualify for the Energy Assistance Program through the Scott Carve Dakota CAP Agency and are customers of one of the following utility companies. The current participating utility companies include: Dakota Electric, Xcel Energy, Minnesota Valley Electric Cooperative, and Shakopee Public Utilities.

 Am I eligible?
To qualify for the CIP program you must first apply and be approved for the Energy Assistance Program. Additionally, you will have to go through a home energy audit after you are approved for the Energy Assistance program.

How do I apply?
You can call our Rosemount office at (651) 322-3500 to request an Energy Assistance application be mailed to you or you can find it under Energy Assistance Program on the website.

Who do I contact for more information?
For more information, please call Michelle Franke, Housing & Energy Programs Specialist, at (651) 322 – 3518.

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