Crisis Nursery

Crisis Nursery
The Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency’s Crisis Nursery provides up to 5 days of day care or 24 hours of consecutive care for children. Additionally, counseling, mentoring, and support are provided for parents to assist in resolving their crisis.

Am I eligible?
Participation in this program is not based on income and is available to families in Scott and Carver counties who have children from 6 weeks to 12 years of age and who are in a crisis. A crisis is any situation where a parent is unable to care for their child(ren)’s needs such as in instances of mental or physical health concerns, housing problems, domestic violence, loss of employment or childcare and other coping difficulties.

How do I apply?
The Crisis Nursery 24-hour Help Line is (612) 839 – 5101. There is no application process. Families are required to complete an intake process prior to placement.

Who do I contact?
For more information about the Crisis Nursery or to become a provider please call (952) 496 – 2125.


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