Food Support Outreach

Food Support Outreach
This program assists residents of Scott, Carver, and Dakota counties determine if they are eligible for Food Support Outreach. It helps to ensure that everyone is able to receive the food they need for sound nutrition and a well-balanced diet. Monthly benefits are issued to eligible clients in the form of a re-usable Electronic Benefit Transfer card (EBT) that can be used at most grocery stores.

Am I eligible?
Eligibility is based on gross household income. Seniors and those living with a disability have certain deductions which may help them to qualify.

How do I apply?
To apply, you will need a Food Support application from either our Shakopee or Rosemount office locations. When it is completed it needs to be turned in to social services’ office in the county where you live.

Who do I contact?
For questions regarding this program or for help filling out the application please contact Terry Hassan, Community Outreach Coordinator,  at (952) 402 – 9835.

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