Mainstream Section 8 Vouchers

Mainstream Section 8 vouchers assist families that have at least one family member with a documented disability to lease affordable private housing of their choice. Mainstream Section 8 vouchers  also assist individuals with disabilities who face difficulties in locating suitable and accessible housing in the private market.

Am I eligible?
To qualify for a Mainstream Section 8 voucher through the Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency you must live in Dakota County and be a disabled, head of household. A head of household is a status held by the person in a household who is running the household and looking after a qualified dependent. In order to qualify as head of household, the designated household must be located at the individual’s home address and the person must pay more than 50% of the costs involved in running the household.

How do I apply?
To apply contact our Rosemount office (651) 322 – 3500 to receive an application.

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