About Us

The Scott Carver Dakota Community Action Partnership (CAP) Agency’s vision is to create a strong community with healthy individuals and families, quality education, safe and affordable housing, and work that dignifies. Our mission is to assist and empower people to achieve social and economic well-being by providing services in partnership with our communities.

Annually, we provide 50,000 individuals with the assistance needed to achieve social and economic well-being. The Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency is one of 28 community action agencies in the state of Minnesota and is part of a national network of over 1,000 agencies.

We utilize a comprehensive service delivery method, which allows us to work in partnership with the communities we serve. We work with individuals and families to understand all of their needs and then provide programs and services to ensure they are successful in achieving economic and social well-being. The comprehensive service delivery method provides a single point of entry for all services and programs, comprehensive assessment, joint case planning & management, and co-location of services.

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