Executive Summary

Dear Friends,

In this period of unprecedented societal transformation, it is daring to imagine communities flourishing and thriving. But Scott Carver Dakota Community Action Partnership envisions a cohesive community of healthy children, strong families, quality education, safe and affordable housing, and work that dignifies. Through our work we are making strides towards realizing this vision.

In the past year, we have experienced an increase in demand for our services and for measurable and meaningful results. This year, Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency has demonstrated remarkable courage in the face of these demands. We have taken bold steps to meet our mission by developing a 5-year Strategic Plan.

Our newly adopted strategic plan ensures organizational sustainability and accountability. Our strategic plan’s focus on excellence, leadership, performance, and measurements creates organizational direction that clearly articulates our accomplishments and impact in a way that draws interest, energy, and support to our mission.

Challenging times often present opportunities and produce innovation that can carry us further than we imagined. On behalf of the Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency, we welcome and encourage you to join us on this journey into the future.


Board of Directors
Scott Carver Dakota CAP Agency

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